ACRS membership provides a range of benefits, including:

  • A voice on the future direction of research, management and ecologically sustainable development of coral reefs worldwide

  • Discounted registration for students and full members at annual conferences 

  • Professional Australian and overseas contacts through networking opportunities (the Society has a substantial overseas membership)

  • Formal and informal opportunities (through Scientific Meetings, the ACRS newsletter and the ACRS email-list) for researchers, managers and reef users to exchange views and information

  • Discounts on scientific meeting registrations

  • Nomination for the ACRS Medal

  • Student travel awards to national and international conferences (up to $15,000 p.a. depending on funding) 

  • Student research awards (up to $10,000 p.a.) 

  • Student conference prizes (gifts and money) 

  • Electronic and hard copy of the newsletter

  • Your ACRS membership helps support the role of science in policy development for the economic, environmental and social benefit of Australia, through Science and Technology Australia (STA)

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