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Contents and supplementary references

Scientific Societies

Australian Marine Conservation Society (AMCS)
Australian Marine Science Association (AMSA)
Australian Society for Fish Biology (ASFB)
International Society for Reef Studies (ISRS)
Science and Technology Australia (STA)

Australian Research Stations

Coral Bay Research Station
Heron Island Research Station
Kimberley Marine Research Station
Lizard Island Research Station
Low Isles Research Station
Moreton Bay Research Station
One Tree Island Research Station
Orpheus Island Research Station
Saville-Kent Centre – Rat Island, Abrolhos

International Research Stations

Bellairs Research Institute
Bermuda Biological Station for Research
Caribbean Marine Research Center
Dravuni Island Field Station
Glover’s Reef Marine Research Station
Gump South Pacific Research Station - Moorea
Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology
Mote Marine Laboratory
Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute

Research Organisations

ARC Centre of Excellence in Coral Reef Studies
Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS)
National Marine Science Centre (NMSC)


Australian Museum
Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory
Museum of Tropical Queensland
Queensland Museum
Western Australian Museum

Australian Management Organisations

Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority (GBRMPA)
Marine Parks – Qld Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Qld Parks and Wildlife Service (PWS)
Western Australia Department of Conservation and Land Management (CALM)

Other Reef-Related Sites

Admiralty Easy Tide - Online Tidal Predictions
Australian Academy of Science
Australian Oceanographic Data Centre
Center for Marine Biodiversity and Conservation
Conservation Council of Western Australia
Coral Health and Monitoring Program
CSIRO Marine and Atmospheric Research
Great Barrier Reef Research Foundation
Integrated Marine Observing System
The Marine and Coastal Community Network
Marine Education Society of Australasia
Adaptation Research Network for Marine Biodiversity and Resources
ORAD Coral Bleaching Index
Reef Ball Foundation
Reef Relief