Founded in 1922 the Australian Coral Reef Society (ACRS) is the worlds’ oldest organization concerned with the study and conservation of Australia’s coral reefs. The ACRS not only celebrates the natural beauty of coral reefs, but through its 300+ membership fosters a new generation of up and coming reef scientists, and provides objective advice to policymakers to secure the long-term future of coral reefs. Now, more than ever, coral reefs need our support. We welcome your involvement, so why not join, or make a tax-deductible donation to the ACRS. With your support we can better understand, manage and protect these natural wonders for generations to come.

Dr Andrew Hoey, President



Coral reefs are one of the most complex and poorly understood of ecosystems. Around the world coral reefs are facing increased pressures and in many places they are showing signs of significant degradation. Scientific research on coral reefs is central to the understanding, management and ultimately the protection of these unique systems.

The Australian Coral Reef Society (ACRS) plays a key role by promoting scientific research on Australian coral reefs. It is a forum for discussion and information transfer among scientists, management agencies and reef-based industries that are committed to ecological sustainability.

Because it is not aligned to any vested interests, the Society's views are sought by government policy makers, conservationists and all those interested in coral reefs who need impartial and expert advice. The Society invests in the future by providing financial assistance for Australian post-graduate students.

The Australian Coral Reef Society Inc. is a non-profit, limited liability association incorporated in the Australian Capital Territory. Its affairs are managed by an annually elected Council composed of a President, Vice-President, Immediate Past-President, Secretary, Treasurer and up to 14 Councillors including 2 to 4 Institutional Members.

Funds are raised by annual membership fees, by sale of publications and other products and donations. All monies raised are used for the benefit of the Society's members (e.g. providing student awards, newsletter printing, subsidising scientific meeting costs etc.).


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