2018 ACRS conference

The 2018 ACRS conference will be held at Ningaloo Centre, Exmouth WA on the 15th-17th May 2018.

Registration and Abstract submission will open soon.


Registration will include:

- Welcome function (May 15th) held at Froth Craft Microbrewery
- Conference dinner (May 17th) held at Mantarays Ningaloo Resort
- Conference presentations, posters, discussions (May 16th - 17th) at the Ningaloo Centre
- Lunch, morning & afternoon tea (May 16th - 17th)

* View map of all conference locations in Exmouth, WA

Conference registration prices are as follows:

Student member: $350 AUD                                      Full member: $430 AUD 
Student non-member: $380 AUD                              Full non-member: $480 AUD

*Become an ACRS member NOW (Until 27 Feb, Students: $20 AUD, Full: $40 AUD)
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Whale shark excursion:  We would like to gauge interest in the conference & potential accompanying whale shark excursion. Please complete the following survey to assist us with effective planning. https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/8B79YFF 

Workshops: Please let us know by Feb 19th 2018 if you would like to organise a workshop for this conference. 

Student Mentoring day: The student day is sponsored by the ARC CoE for Coral Reef Studies and includes a coral identification workshop held on May 15th 2018.

Conference session topics: Listed below are some examples of general session topics relating to Australian coral reefs.

- Behaviour of coral reef organisms
- Coastal development and water quality effects on coral reef species
- Citizen and social science on the perception of coral reefs
- Conservation biology, ecology and genetics of coral reef species
- Coral physiology and reef photosynthesis
- Effects of anthropogenic and climate change stressors on coral reef organisms
- Evolution, speciation and hybridisation of coral reef organisms
- Indigenous use and management of reefs
- Management and monitoring of reefs: the long-term view
- Physical processes on the reef
- Settlement and early life history of reef organisms
- Tropicalisation: the southern migration of coral reef species

*If you would like to suggest an additional theme/topic to be included in the call for abstracts please let us know by Feb 19th, 2018 at austcoralreefsoc@gmail.com