Coral Identification Workshop

What is it all about/what will you learn:

The Coral Finder Workshop is based around the Coral Finder Toolkit, a suite of proven, practical resources for coral identification. The workshop would be led by Russell Kelley (author of the Indo Pacific Coral Finder) and will involve audio-visual lessons followed by hands-on training, tutorials and instruction. The Coral Finder uses a visual approach to coral identification that makes it possible for beginners to advance rapidly with little prior knowledge. Participants will learn how to use the Coral Finder to identify corals to genus regardless of growth form. Special emphasis will be placed on techniques for field identification, self-learning and problem solving. Case studies of how to proceed to species level identification will be demonstrated.

The workshop will include the latest edition of the Coral Finder (V3.0), training and revision movies, and a summary of the changes being wrought by molecular research on traditional taxonomy and how to combine to the two approaches without throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

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Saturday-Sunday 15-16 July, 2017

James Cook University, Townsville

How much:

2 full days of lab tuition; morning and afternoon teas; take home training materials including the Coral Finder Toolkit 2.0; (Coral Finder 3.0, and a complete set of training and revision movies & downloadable self testing materials). Note: BYO lunch or purchase from JCU cafe.

How to register:
Book your place via the BYOGUIDES website.
20 places are available.