Call for Papers

Now Closed

We now invite Abstract submissions for the 2017 ACRS Conference. The following are suggested themes but Abstracts on any coral reef topic will be welcomed.



Algae on reefs – changing the dynamics

Behaviour of reef organisms

Climate change and reefs

Cnidarian bleaching

Coastal development and water quality effects on reef organisms

Conservation science and reefs

Coral bleaching

Coral physiology

Crown of thorns seastars

Environmental impact statements

Fish as indicators of ecological state

Fishes in changing world

Genetics and phylogeography

Indigenous use and management of reefs

Long-term research and time series on reef habitats

Management and monitoring of fish populations: the long-term view

Marine debris

Marine megafauna around reefs

Movement and behaviour of fishes

New methods and techniques for reef research

NGOs and science – making it work

Ocean acidification and reefs

Parisitology on reefs

Photosynthesis on the reef

Physical processes on the reef

Population ecology and connectivity in marine organisms

Reef organisms and ecosystem services

Reef restoration techniques

Reefs of the future

Reefs of the past

Remote sensing of reef areas

Resilience and phase shifts

Seabirds around reefs

Settlement and early life history of reef organisms

Systematics and Taxonomy: hybridization and speciation of reef organisms and descriptions of organisms

The ecological role of fishes on coral reefs

The impact of habitat degradation, fragmentation, and seascape on fish population and communities

Trophic and food web dynamics

Tropicalisation: the southern migration of coral reef species


If you wish to submit an Abstract and feel that it doesn’t quite fit these themes, please submit it anyway and we will discuss it with you.

Abstract Submission

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8. Once you click "Submit", the Abstract will be sent to us and you will receive a confirmation email. 

Closing Date for Submissions

DEADLINE: Please submit Abstracts by Friday 5 May 2017. 

No Abstracts will be accepted after this date.