ACRS Medal

ACRS as the oldest organisation worldwide to study and protect coral reefs (since 1922), will award a prestigious medal to recognise high achievers in the research and conservation of Australian coral reefs.

This award will be presented at the Annual ACRS Conference and the awardees should give a plenary lecture within 2 years of the award.

The ACRS Medal

The ACRS Medal will be awarded in sequential years in the following categories, based on an individual's contribution to science and conservation of Australian coral reefs:

i) Established Researcher (ER, > 10 years since PhD awarded)

ii) Early Career Researcher (ECR, < 10 years since PhD awarded)

iii) Science Education and Conservation (SEC)

Nomination Process

Nominations for the awards can be made by ACRS members or non-members and should be sent to the ACRS President (via the ACRS Secretary). The nominee must be based in Australia and be a financial member of ACRS at the time of nomination and acceptance (if successful). Self-nominations will be accepted. The 2017 ACRS Medal will be awarded to an individual who has demonstrated an outstanding contribution to the education, conservation or management of Australian coral reefs. The letter of nomination should comprise a completed copy of the Nomination Proforma, including: 

1. A summary of the nominee's contribution to the science, conservation, management, and/or service to Australian coral reefs, detailing the key achievements and their significance

2. A recent CV annotated to highlight key contributions

Additional information may be sought from specialists in the nominee's field.

The nominations will be assessed by a selection panel, chaired by the ACRS President.

The recipient of the award will be presented with a citation and ACRS Medal.

Selection Criteria

1. Development of new insights into Australian marine environments and systems

2. Contribution to education, conservation and/or management of Australian coral reefs

3. Advances in adaptive management and the creation of techniques now regarded as standard methods

Deadline for Nominations

Nominations for the 2017 award should be sent to the ACRS Secretary by 10 February 2017. Late nominations cannot be accepted. 

Frequency of Awards 

Medals to be awarded in following sequence starting in 2015: 

2015: Early Career Researcher

2016: Established Researcher

2017: Science Education and Conservation

2018: Early Career Researcher

2019: Established Researcher

2020: Science Education and Conservation

ACRS Medal Winners 

2015: Dr Nick Graham (ECR Medal)

2016: Prof Terry Hughes (ER Medal)